Uzumaki It is considered one of the best works by the author of the manga horror Junji Ito. While we wait for the already announced animated implementation, let's see how an enthusiast decided to pay homage to the designer with a spooky tattoo.

Among the scariest creatures represented by the mangaka we can remember Jumping devil: A boy who has a crush on a classmate who is brought back to life after he dies and whose legs are replaced with a feather. The latter is a trait that is similar to a spiral, a motif that is present in all of the work and the subject of the curse and affects the entire city the story tells of.

Only this being is the protagonist of tattoo User Reddit Breezy Lover x5 showed us how much he liked the chapter in which he was portrayed and the importance of imposing a unique homage to the works of Junji Ito on his body. You can see the tattoo in question at the bottom of the news.

In the past, some of the artist's works have received various transpositions, Uzumaki itself has been converted into live action and is currently being produced by Production IG, an animated version. While we learn that the release of this latest version of Uzumaki has unfortunately been postponed to 2021, we can observe the first pictures and the background to the making of the Uzumaki anime.

And what do you think of Junji Ito's work? What about the Reddit Breezy Lover x5 tattoo? Let us know in the comments.

Got a new tattoo today! Jack in the Box was one of my favorite chapters in this book, and I wanted a Junji Ito tattoo that was unique and special. I hope you like 🌀 from r / junjiito

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