A real Pokémon craze has broken out in the past few months, and millions of fans around the world are suddenly interested in buying and evaluating trading cards. The trend is back thanks to contributions from multiple streamers and influencers In the last few days the situation has degenerated, especially in the USA.

Apart from the very high demand, with a boom in contacts to rating agencies and the sale of packages almost immediately, there are supermarkets in the USA They were even forced to lock up grainwhen the scalpers started popping up on the boxes with dozens of boxes at a time.

That's because The Pokémon Company announced a collaboration with some grain brands last January to celebrate the series' 25th anniversary. All boxes with Trix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, lucky charms, cocoa sachets and Golden Grahams have been available since April They would contain a package of three trading cards. Among these, there are also two rare cards that are exclusive to some retailers, namely Holographic Pikachu and Ponyta di Galar.

The situation escalated quickly, with boxes of cereal bought in colossal blocks and fans opening the boxes straight into the aisles and stealing the cards inside. The reaction of the shops can be seen below Anti-shoplifting on cereal boxes and a new purchase limit. A literal paradoxical situation, but one that is unlikely to demotivate resellers when you consider how profitable the trading card business is these days.

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