In the realm of manga, Eiichiro Oda stands as a towering figure, his creativity unwavering even after a millennium of chapters. The latest installment, ONE PIECE 1106, is no exception, delivering a twist that ties back to the series' rich history in a move that's nothing short of genius.

ONE PIECE continues to captivate, with Oda's status as a legend of Japanese manga cemented firmly. His ability to weave intricate narratives that keep fans on the edge of their seats is unparalleled. Let's delve into the latest revelation, but be wary of the spoilers that lie ahead.

Though the official release is slated for February 4, 2024, on MangaPlus, the full chapter has already made waves online. Discussions have swirled around the events on Egghead Island and whether certain characters have arrived to aid Luffy. The answer, it seems, has been revealed.

Chapter 1106, titled "By Your Side," showcases the arrival of the Giants Dorry and Brogy. These two pirates were first introduced in ONE PIECE 116, released in 1999 with the title "Giants." Linking the chapters sequentially, we get the phrase "Giants by your side". Luffy can now rely on the might of the Elbaf Giants to escape Egghead and survive the Buster Call initiated by Saturn. Eiichiro Oda's genius shines throughβ€”it's astounding that after nearly a thousand chapters and 25 years, the story can connect in such a profound way.

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