The return of Vash the Stampede and the universe born with the anime from the mind of Yasuhiro Nightow Trigun: Stampede has divided the fanbase between those who adored the new style in 3DCG inherited from Orange Studio and those who would have preferred a more traditional reboot. Surprisingly, a sequel to the series has also been announced.

Today March 25, 2023 ended the first season of the anime in Japan, consisting of 12 episodes, and shortly after the end of the final episode, a trailer was released to anticipate the continuation of the story. Justified "Graduation PVThe video in question, which you can find at the bottom of the page, shows Vash along with his twin brother Knives as they enjoy playing the piano and going about their days, right down to the tragic farewell to researcher Rem and the drama Knives caused.

In sequences ranging from memories to the tragic present, Vash's story is summed up with the notes of the movement Hoshi no Kuzu α created by Salyu and Haruka Nakamura to the incredible final battle with his brother Knives. As stated in the post, this has been confirmed by the Orange Studio The continuation of the series will realize the story of the humanoid Typhoon with a bounty of 6 million double dollars.

Were you expecting an extension or a sequel to the series? Did you enjoy the anime reboot after the first season is over? We await your opinion in the comments section. Finally we leave you the last image of the anime dedicated to the climax of the series and a nice reference to Dragon Ball Z in the seventh installment.

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