Tower of God episode 8 was again focused on Khun Aguero, and specifically on his plan to defeat the irascible Ranker Quant Blitz. During the episode the fans attended two spectacular twists: What happened and how did Khun "win by losing"? Let's find out together.

In Tower of God episode 7 the climbers found themselves facing a new test, called Hide and seek. Two teams, A and B respectively, face the test in a huge maze, with the aim of escorting a team member to the exit. The fighter in question must be able to reach one of the doors carrying a singular medal, while trying to avoid the attacks of the Ranker Quant Blitz, in charge of recovering the object and prohibiting the escape of the participants. This test represents for many the last chance to enter the tower.

Khun communicates to his team that he has an excellent strategy in mind, and offers to share it with the group in exchange for the leading position. The team accepts, the medal is entrusted to Anak and the Ranker starts to hunt the girl, falling into a series of traps prepared by Khun. After covering his partner's escape, Aguero manages to get the better of his opponent by positioning himself on the final bridge and convincing him, with a series of mental games, to throw himself below.

Quant understands that he has been cheated and tries to think of a solution, but it is precisely at this moment that Khun's true plan is revealed. The boy drops below, appearing again in front of the Ranker and helping him upthus betraying his own team. Quant returns to the top, grabs Anak's medal and the trial ends with the defeat of Team A.

Khun's strategy is twisted, but sensible. Passing the test would in fact have awarded Team A 100,000 points, enough to guarantee each member the possibility of entering the Tower. If the Aguero team had won though, there would have been no hopes for Team B, in which the protagonist Bam and the beautiful Endorsi play. For Khun, the real team has always been the one made up of his friends, and since everyone in Team A had already guaranteed access to the Tower because of the amount of points available, the plan simply included obtaining a good individual score. and to lose the challenge, thus guaranteeing access and consequently increasing Bam's chances of victory.

In addition to revealing many details about the challenge to the friend, Khun seems to have even made a pact with the Ranker, promising to make him triumph against his team in exchange for the salvation of the protagonist. To see the implications of this agreement we will have to wait for episode 9, scheduled for Wednesday 27 May 2020.

All clear now? Let us know with a comment! In case you haven't done it yet, we remind you that you can deepen your knowledge on the anime by reading our special on the functioning of the Tower in Tower of God.

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