As you may know, not long ago it was confirmed that the appreciated animated epic Baki, available on the portal dedicated to streaming Netflix, would have seen the arrival of a second season, news that at the time was obviously welcomed with great joy by the rich fanbase of the production.

After having revealed some initial information related to the production, Netflix has now also released a first promotional video for its creature, a trailer through which you can get in touch with some of the events and characters that will appear before each episode. The video also not only showed some important events of the “Raitai Tournament” narrative arc, but also revealed the English title of the new production, namely Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga. Along with the trailer, a new visual key of the work was also released, which can be viewed in the news.

As if all this weren’t enough already, the 25th issue of this week’s Shōnen Champion revealed some additional information about the series, in fact revealing that the second season will not only cover the Raitai Tournament saga, but also the narrative arc “Kami no Ko Gekitotsu” (The Clash of the Children of Gods), a news that will surely make many fans happy.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that not too long ago Netflix had also shown the opening of Baki Season 2.

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