Now that the brawl between Toman and Valhalla is over, it's time to say goodbye to the animated first season of Tokyo Avenger, one of the big revelations of this year 2021. Will Takemichi Hanagaki finally manage to become the new leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang and save his beloved Hinata? We won't have the answers until season 2.

The violent brawl known as Bloody Halloween ended in a death and an arrest. Baji, the commander of Toman's First Division, has decided to sacrifice himself to save his childhood friends' lives. That gesture actually resulted in Kazutora redeeming himself and Mikey "forgiving" his ex-boyfriend. For Takemichi, however, this fight was a defeat in every way.

The protagonist who has traveled back in time with the goal of traveling back in time save the life of all loved ones, had the task of protecting Baji. His rival too Kisaki titwho forges behind everyone's backs, is the only one who emerged victorious from the battle: his ascent to Toman leader is progressing rapidly.

The final episode of this first season of the animated film comes on September 18 Simulcast on Crunchyroll. Up until the epilogue, Twitter user @kaikaikitan shared thumbnails showing members of Toman in a meeting. At the moment, no information has been leaked on one Second seasonwhich, however, seems very likely given the immense success that Ken Wakui's work will have.

We leave you with 5 twists from the first storyline of Tokyo Revengers and three gangster manga that follow as an alternative to Wakui.

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