What should be considered one of the most significant episodes landed in the eye of the storm for very different reasons. The nineteenth episode of the anime adaptation of Tokyo Avenger, with which the Blood Halloween started, is at the center of a great controversy: The animations are totally embarrassing for the community.

After a long wait, the most anticipated narrative arc of Ken Wakui's work has reached its climax. However, the bloody Halloween coincides with one of the episodes qualitatively worse. Start the controversy in fandom!

Entitled "Turn Around", Episode 19 begins the highly anticipated battle between Mikey's Tokyo Manji Gang and Valhalla, apparently led by Hanma. The street brawl between the two factions has, however rather aroused negative reactionsas you can see in the tweets at the end of the article.

Fans have expressed all their disappointment on social media about what is perhaps the most anticipated event. The quality of the animations is obvious downward and the community has called for justice for one of the best stages in the Wakui manga. The studio of Liden Films screwed it up a lot and will definitely have to improve the home video edition of the anime transposition.

What do you think of this controversy? In the meantime, we leave you to this magnificent work of art by the Tokyo Revengers by Ken Wakui and the homage to the Tokyo Ghoul author Sui Ishida. Did you know Ken Wakui was a hooligan? Here is the source of inspiration for Tokyo Revengers.

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