The Tokyo Manji Gang is on the brink of war with Valhalla, a rival gang that can count on twice the number of men. To correct this unequal relationship, Mikey decided to entrust the Third Division to Tetta Kisaki, the former leader of Moebius. The protagonist of Tokyo AvengerHowever, he will do everything possible to drive Kisaki out of Toman.

Takemichi made Mikey promise that he would throw Kisaki out of Toman. In return, however, the protagonist must bring Baji, who is determined to move to Hanma’s Valhalla, back into his gang. Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 begins with Takemichi talking to his longtime friends, including Akkun. But suddenly a newcomer joins the boys, Kazutora Hanemiya, Number three from Walhalla, who kindly invites the protagonist to follow him. Although Takemichi is afraid of going to the rival base, he agrees to save Hina’s life.

Accompanied by Kazutora at the foot of Walhalla, Takemichi watches with petrification a gruesome scene: Baji beats up the deputy commander of the Toman First Division to take a loyalty test.

Apparently Takemichi was brought there as a witness. Hanma, the current leader of Walhalla, asks him if Baki really intends to leave Toman and Mikey to join his gang of thugs. As Takemichi confirms, Manji Gang becomes the former commander of Tokyo First Division officially enters Valhalla.

In a burst of passion, as is common now, Takemichi Baji asks for that Reason for this betrayal and the long, dark-haired boy replies that he just wants to help Kazutora achieve his dream. For some unclear personal reason, Kazutora intends to kill Mikey.

At this point, a flashback takes us to the time when the Tokyo Manji Gang was just founded and the six founders celebrated the uniforms of the group created by Mitsuya. The episode finally ends with the six young Toman leaders getting dressed pose for a photo, found the same thing from Takemichi in the previous episode.

Here is Takemichi’s new promise in Tokyo Revengers. Over 7 million copies were printed in just one month; Tokyo Revengers is the best-selling manga.

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