Anime always have important implications for the manga they are from. In order not to keep up with the pace of adaptation, most viewers turn to the tankobon and increase sales due to the popularity and beauty of the implementation. Tokyo Revengers suffered such a great effect.

The Oricon Rankings company also published the estimated sales figures for the various manga this week. Tokyo Revengers is also one of the titles of the week, now in a positive wake that has lasted for several months. If you add up all the data that has been collected since the beginning of the fiscal year that began at the end of November 2020, it turned out that Tokyo Revengers sold a good 16.5 million copies in fiscal year 2021. A figure that given that Ken Wakui's manga was printed 7 million copies in the near future.

The data are sensational for another reason, however: So far, Kodansha's manga is said to have performed better in a single year The attack of the giants in 2013, the year WIT Studio's animated version debuted and the manga sold 15.9 million copies between November 2012 and November 2013. Tokyo Revengers became the top-selling Kodansha title in one fiscal year which, among other things, has not yet been completed. In fact, the manga can increase its loot by the penultimate week of November 2021 and maybe even hit 20 million if you consider the sales speed of the various tank tobons.

And it's not just anime and manga that are good: the Tokyo Revengers' live action has also generated good revenue.

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