After discovering that Draken's death triggered a series of events that led to the murder of his beloved Hinata, the protagonist Takemichi is determined to go back in time to resolve this series of tragic events. Let's find out what happens in the fifth episode of Tokyo Revengers.

In the future, Draken's death will have one strong influence on Tomanespecially Mikey, who will lose not only his best friend but his moral adviser as well. Takemichi cannot allow this, it is about the future of Hinata and Akkun.

Get back back in the pastAfter shaking hands with Naoto, the protagonist is in bed with a mysterious girl. Terribly embarrassed, Takemichi runs away and runs into his girlfriend Hinata on the street. Remembered by Draken at the Musashi Shrine, Takemichi must go there immediately for an important meeting. However, Hinata decides to follow him.

When they arrive at the sanctuary, the two are surrounded by a terrifying group of motorcyclists and threaten to disappear. A thug seems to save Hinata and Takemichi, who take them to Mikey and Draken, who are hidden a little further back. However, with them there is also the girl who had previously met the protagonist. Realizing that something is wrong between the two, Hinata beats Takemichi and leaves him.

During the meeting it is discovered that a friend of the captain of the 3rd Division of the Toman, Pah-chin, was attacked and brutalized by a rival gang. At this point, Mikey asks his men if they want to face the MΓΆbius and avenge the shame. The war between the two gangs is about to break out.

However, according to the research Naoto has done in the present, it is precisely this scuffle Draken will perish. Takemichi has to prevent this and becomes Ken's personal guard who secretly pursues him and Mikey. In this way the true nature of the two leaders is brought to light.

Mikey's rebellious nature is curbed by Draken, who compensates for this by taking care of him like a good father. Ken Ryuguji is the heart and the his friend's moral compass, the only one who can keep him on the right track. The relationship between the two therefore goes beyond friendship and Draken's disappearance would be fatal for Manjiro Sato.

Let's go over the fourth episode of Tokyo Revengers. With 17 million copies printed, Jujutsu Kaisen was surpassed: Tokyo Revengers continues to grow.

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