The official Twitter account of the anime series Tokyo Ghoul has sent fans into a frenzy with a cryptic announcement scheduled for July 3, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. Japan Time. The tweet includes a 20-second video montage of scenes from the original anime, sparking widespread speculation and excitement among fans.

Remake or Re-Release?

Many fans are hoping for a complete remake of the anime series, one that faithfully adapts the original manga's plot. This desire stems from the significant deviations the anime took from the manga's storyline, particularly in the second season. A remake would provide an opportunity to correct these mistakes and do justice to Sui Ishida's complex and engaging story.

However, others are more cautious, recalling past announcements that failed to deliver new content. Instead, they speculate that the announcement might reveal a new Blu-ray collection with remastered episodes and additional content or a simple digital re-release.

A Troubled Anime Adaptation

The anime series, produced by Pierrot, has faced criticism for its drastic changes to the story, particularly in the second season. These deviations not only altered character development but also created significant inconsistencies with the original manga. As a result, fans have been eagerly awaiting a faithful adaptation that captures the depth and complexity of the manga.

The Wait is Almost Over

With the announcement just around the corner, fans are on the edge of their seats, wondering what surprises Tokyo Ghoul has in store for its 10th anniversary. Will it be a remake, a re-release, or something entirely new? One thing is certain – the anticipation is palpable, and fans will be eagerly tuning in on July 3 to find out.

Source: Official Twitter Account

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