It was founded in 2012 TOHO animation, one of the most important and renowned distributors of the Japanese animation industry. To mark the company's tenth anniversary, the company is organizing a special themed party starting in September.

Ten years ago TOHO Animation was born and on September 25, 2022 on its YouTube channel thecelebration of this important anniversary. The event will feature a live panel, streamed on Google's video platform, that will chronicle the company's decade through the works that have made it one of the best in the anime industry.

On stage, the TOHO animation will be celebrated by some voice actors of the most famous series such as Haikyuu !!, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen or Spy x Family. During this time, TOHO Animation is very busy with the upcoming release of My Hero Academia Season 6. More details on the 10th Anniversary of TOHO Animation, which will take place at an undisclosed location in Tokyo, are still secret. Will it be here that TOHO will confirm the rumored anime adaptation of Kaiju #8?

TOHO animation is the Anime Subsidiary of TOHO Co. Ltd., one of the largest film production and distribution companies in Japan. Founded in the distant 1932, this is one of the four companies that make up the Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan, as well as the largest film studio of the four major Japanese companies.

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