The fall 2022 anime schedule will feature an exciting return. Soon, Fushi's journey begins again with the second season of To Your Eternity. If we're less than 20 days away from the premiere, here's a new trailer that brings us back to the immortal protagonist.

The awaited debut of To Your Eternity Season 2 is expected to simulcast on Crunchyroll for the October 23, 2022. The poignant adventure of Fushi will therefore continue very soon, but the anticipation is growing with the release of a new promotional video.

The third official trailer of To Your Eternity allows us to discover a preview of some of the events that we will witness in this second part of the anime, but not only. Through the clip we find the poignant opening theme "Pink Blood" by Hikaru Utada. The opening of the first season was thus also confirmed for season 2 souls.

In Primary we get to know each other three new protagonists, which you can admire better in the character designs at the end of the article. Hisame, Kahaku, and Bonchien Nicoli the Tasty Peach Uralis are voiced by Tomori Kusunoki, Mitsuki Saiga, and Takehito Koyasu, respectively. Though Fushi wants to be alone to avoid further suffering, he will eventually make new wonderful friends. We remind you that the production of this second season has been entrusted to the animation studio Drive and the director Kiyoko Sayama, taking the place of Brains Base and Masahiko Murata.

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