Naruto fans are still shocked and devastated by the latest installment of Boruto: Naruto the next generationswhere Konoha lost one of the most important figures in history after the insane fight against the head of the Kara organization, Jigen.

While this character's death doesn't quite live up to fans' expectations, it is very likely that this death will have significant consequences for Konoha and its residents. The character who left us in chapter 55 of Boruto is Kurama, the Nine-Tails Fox. Fans filled Twitter with poignant messages, reminding of the importance of Kyuubi throughout the series, the engine of the entire series from the very beginning.

Some argue that it is the saddest death ever, others instead realized that Kurama's disappearance was already expected by Boruto in Chapter 7, others will miss him dearly. The connection between Naruto and Kurama had become one of the deepest between the tail and the bearer. Kurama raised our protagonist and now, having saved Konoha again, he leaves Naruto and all of us with a great void. At the end of this message, we leave some posts fans made on Twitter in memory of the Nine-Tails Fox.

While it looks like Boruto's initial flash forward makes sense, the color page of chapter 55 reveals a new adversary.

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