During the anime adaptation of the manga Shadow house has remained true to the original material to this day, and the adaptation was praised for its excellent animation and soundtrack quality. Some say she will follow the current trend of the studio Cloverworks change the content to prevent the realization of a second season.

It turns out that the scene where a hooded person shows up and the character Ram runs out of place, one of the dolls has been placed in the anime, but in the manga it is a shadow wearing the hood. It is also noted that this mysterious shadow will remain there until the case is resolved.

Shadow house
Shadow house

In the original manga, this shadow accompanies the characters, speaks to them and disseminates information until, at the end of the case, it is shown that it can control the soot. In the anime, this has been changed to a "veiled doll" that just walks past him and doesn't exchange dialogue with the characters.

According to the readers of the manga, this hooded figure is important in the story, but some say it will simply be inserted into a scene in a later episode. Given the background regarding the second season of Yakusoku no never land ((The Promised Neverland), Expectations of the work of Cloverworks They are low on the part of the audience. In the end, it just remains to be seen what will happen next.

Synopsis of Shadows House

Shaded and faceless nobles live in a huge mansion and are cared for by living dolls who spend much of their time cleaning up the soot that their mysterious masters incessantly emit. Follow the story of Emilyko, a lively young and happy doll as she learns her duties as an assistant to Kate Shadow-sama. What dangerous and dark secrets will she and Kate find as they become increasingly involved in the inner workings of the shadowy society?

Fountain: Yaraon!

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