During the event "Netflix Anime Festival 2020 ~ The Future of Anime, Together ~" the production of a new anime adaptation of the manga was written and illustrated by Mari Yamazaki, Thermae Romae. The series is titled Thermae Romae Novae and its production is carried out by the studios NAZ.

The world premiere is planned for the year 2021 via the platform Netflix. On the other hand, Yamazaki published the manga in the magazine Comic beam between January 2008 and March 2013, the work was compiled in a total of six volumes.

The piece inspired an anime adaptation of only three episodes produced by the studios. GONZO In collaboration with DLE, released January 2012. This new adaptation did not reveal production details or the voice acting.

Synopsis of Thermae Romae

Lucius Modestus, an old Roman architect, is looking for a job because he has difficulty finding new ideas. While his demeanor and personality get grim, his friends try to get him to a bathhouse to relax. Lucius cannot relax in the busy, overcrowded bathroom and bows his head into the water.

There he finds a secret tunnel that leads him to a modern Japanese bathhouse and gives him the inspiration he needs for a new creation. Loaded with knowledge that seems way ahead of his time, Lucius goes to great lengths to recreate his finds, which are usually of inferior quality due to the circumstances. However, ingenuity can be just enough to grab citizens' attention and build a new reputation as an architect.

Source: Comic Natalie

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