Studio Ghibli: Nausicaä protagonist of this incredible fanart

Nausicaä from the valley of the wind is a post-apocalyptic fantasy film and tells the story of a brave princess who fights against the Tolmekia kingdom and wants to destroy the poisonous jungle with a legendary ancient weapon in order to destroy the ecosystem that has poisoned the planet.

Nausicaä is the heroine of the film Nausicaä from the valley of the windand is a character that holds a special place in the heart of all Studio Ghibli fans.

Artgem has a drawing of the heroine on her Twitter with the description “Day 22. Nausicaä. One of the first films of the Studio Ghibli what I saw after Laputa. What nostalgia. "followed by the hashtag # Nausicaä #StudioGhibli and that of #Artober for the challenge that is popular every October.

The design shows Nausicaä in her flight uniformwith his partner Teto on his shoulder. In Artgerms Tweet, the drawing is surrounded by markings Copic with which the artist colored in the drawing.

Artgerm is known for its covers featuring famous characters from anime, manga, and films. By participating in Artober, artists must try to publish a drawing every day in October. Some of his subjects were Kim Possible, Scarlet Witch is Death of Endless. He previously designed other Studio Ghibli characters as well.

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