There is no peace for the Tower of God: SIU is on hiatus again and not for a while

2020 was a particularly controversial year for God's tower. While the first season of the anime on Crunchyroll breathed new life into the Webtoon world, the comic of the same name has long been paused. Just as the series looked like it was about to make its comeback, here is the announcement of a new and long hiatus.

Just a few weeks ago the SIU had promised the early return of the Tower of God, even if a postponement of the date had predicted unpleasant news. To put the final blow to the hopes of the fans, the author himself was through a publication that was published on his personal blog. By cutting off the bull's head SIU confirmed that the The comic will be on hold for another 6 months.

After apologizing for the wait fans had to endure even though he had already prepared the first 10 manuscripts for the next few chapters, he stated that the pain in his right arm had worsened to the point that he was forced to do the Visit hospital. The doctor ordered him to rest his arm completely, because through further exertion there will be Risk of damage that can last a lifetime. With 6 months of rest, he should be able to get the arm back to normal and return to work with more serenity and no further pain.

Given his dedication to the work that has resulted in 10 long and uninterrupted years of serialization, we are confident that 6 months of rest can benefit the health of SIU and Tower of God.

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