Tokyo Revengers Season 2 is still a few days away from its premiere, but the new date with the anime produced by studio LIDEN FILMS has already ended up in controversy. The opening theme of the Christmas Showdown arc has been accused of plagiarism.

Exclusive to the Disney+ streaming schedule, the new date will debut January 7, 2023, with the adaptation of Ken Wakui's work. The Tokyo Revengers 2 opening theme song was released as a preview of the official release, accompanied by the song "White Noise". ' performed by Official Hige Dandism. However, fans immediately noticed something suspicious by mobilizing on the internet.

As we can see from the clip at the end of the article, the sequence covering the second from 00:53 to 00:58 is practically identical to that of another opening, the second opening sequence of the anime A Certain Magical Index. Everything between the two scenes fits perfectly, from the changes of direction to the facial expressions of the protagonists.

A part of the community therefore went on the attack and accused the production staff of plagiarism. But is it really plagiarism or is it a correct quote? At the moment there is no official answer, however LIDEN FILMS could be called to answer the consequences of this controversy.

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