The Vanitas case study, the work of Jun Mochizuki, is about to be animated. As proof of this, some details about the new series will be released. Let's watch the first trailer together.

L'storia, written by the author of the acclaimed Pandora heartstakes place in 19th century France and tells the story of Noah, a vampire who seeks a cure for the curse that invades his species and forces them to attack common people. To achieve his goal, he meets a doctor named Vanitas in possession of a book with healing powers, which in the past was one of the most hated vampires and namesake of the man himself.

For the past few weeks, official rumors have been circulating about the implementation of the Vanitas case study, and finally, in the past few days, we have seen the first evidence of the work of the study bone involved in adapting the work. The tweet posted at the bottom of the news features a promotional video where the two protagonists of the story can be observed. At the end of the same, the release date planned for the summer of this year will be announced, more precisely in Month july.

After the trailer, we can also take a first look at them Key visual This shows the mysterious Vanitas in the foreground who keep his magic book open, and behind him the vampire Noé.

What do you think of this new anime? Are you interested in the vision? Please let us know by leaving us a comment below.

Finally, remember that Vanitas' case study was the first manga to stop publishing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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