Despite the Conclusion from Bleach, one of the longest running and best-known works in the manga industry, Mangaka Tite Kubo has not quit his job. After a forced break, also in view of the precarious physical condition he had at the end of the series, he returned to Burn the Witch.

The oneshot, which then became a series, marked the return of Tite Kubo to Weekly Shonen Jump, which, however, also to one back to the world of Bleach. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the manga, which was born in July 2001, the magazine has planned to publish a special chapter. The Bleach chapter has started a new surprise saga that Tite Kubo could continue into seasons, as happens with Burn the Witch.

As in these cases Tite Kubo got a place in the Weekly Shonen Jump where authors can leave a comment. The mangaka commented, "We haven't seen each other for a long time! I've been eating donuts all day lately and watching the Olympics!" Tite Kubo therefore took it easy during this time and certainly drew more slowly than in the publication period. Now it will be necessary to see at what pace will Bleach and Burn the Witch return to release? in the next month.

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