The second season of theAnime from The Promised Neverland It turned out to be a sensational hole in the water, an unforgivable disappointment for the whole community. And the tenth episode, out this week, is at the center of a new controversy: Who is in charge of the script?

The episode released this week credited three directors, Ayako Kurata, Ryou Kodama, and Shigeku Fukase, however not a screenwriter. That nobody wants to take responsibility for such a flop? Toshiya Ono, who wrote the first four episodes of season two, is still recognized as the project's lead screenwriter, but not the one in the episode. Not even Nanao, screenwriter from episodes five through ninth in the series, as well as the writer of the manga novel, wasn't credited.

At the moment there is no official note explaining the story. Either the tenth episode of The Promised Neverland 2 was shot without a script, or rather, no one wants to see her name next to that of the series. The project is therefore definitely shipwreck.

This tenth episode is indeed the climax of all Cuts and hasty decisions taken so far. The "tension" created by the manga is completely absent in the animated counterpart, and the unpublished developments such as the balloon fleet are inconclusive.

According to some rumors, responsibility for this flop would lieAuthor Kaiu Shiraiwho participated in the writing of the second season. From this episode on, Shirai no longer appears under the names in the credits. This could mean that he was fired for poor results or that he himself was retiring unsatisfied with what he had achieved. The fact of the matter is, The Promised Neverland 2 is now driving what is considered the disappointment of the year by the community.

And what do you think about it In the meantime, The Promised Neverland takes 2x10 kids on their penultimate challenge. Cuts and inconsistencies, still controversial for The Promised Neverland 2x09.

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