At 7:00 p.m. (Japanese time) on August 20, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to televise the original web anime. Inou no AICis: ESP & High School Detective (AIC is the supernatural), which hit its goal of 1,850,000 yen ($ 16,900) in just 25 hours. At the time of writing, 2,161,000 yen (19,732) have been collected from 77 donors.

Inou no AICis is produced by I walk, a Tokyo-based game and character design company. The story is about a group of unique student detectives and their struggle to solve various psychological cases committed by criminals with supernatural uses popular in Geso Ward, a school town in Tokyo. All fifteen chapters of his first story arc have been uploaded to YouTube since January 2021, and the first is shown below:

After the first goal was achieved, it was decided to air a new twenty minute episode on terrestrial television channels in Japan. The goal of two million yen was also achieved, so it was decided to issue a special stamp of. to produce MANAGEMENT. These goals were already achieved one day after the start of the campaign, so that further expansion goals are now being examined, such as the expansion of the transmission area and further forecasts.

Summary of Inou no Aicis

The anime is set in the fictional Geso district of Tokyo, a school town where an application called “AICis” is becoming increasingly popular. Those who receive the app are given supernatural powers that they can use to pursue their own selfish desires, which leads to many cases of violence and other incidents. The story revolves around a group of detectives who solve cases related to those in power.

Source: Official Twitter account

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