L 'Animation industry has been the focus of criticism for years because of the catastrophic wage situation of employees. The imbalance is so great that the labor crisis has become a global problem, a phenomenon that even led Netflix to intervene on a very special project.

The American giant e WIT studyThe same goes for the first three seasons of Attack of the Giants. We've teamed up to give the industry a hand and slow the animators' departure from the anime industry. Even the famous newspaper "New York Times"intervened on the matter with a special article that quickly went viral on the Internet. The article attempted to answer a simple question:"Souls explode, but why do animators live in poverty?""

Tetsuya Akutsu, Animator who has worked on titles of the caliber of The rise of the shield hero is Tokyo Ghoul: rightIn fact, he's considering leaving the industry because paying doesn't allow him to raise a family. The newspaper special explains:

""Although you work practically every hour that you are awake, [Akutsu] He takes home only $ 1,400 to $ 3,800 and is one of the lucky ones: Thousands of artists with lower degrees do grueling piecework for just $ 200 a month. Rather than rewarding them, the industry's explosive growth has only widened the gap between the profits they make and their meager wages. Many employees wonder if they can afford to keep following their passion.""

Although there are studies like Kyoto animation Instead, their animators pay better, the New York Times continues. The vast majority of workers continue to live in need in a sector that is struggling to drastically improve the living conditions of its workforce. What do you think of this situation? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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