To conclude the Attack of the giants Many things have changed drastically from the original tones of Hajime Isayama, and those who were once considered positive characters now seem to have increasingly negative attitudes, including Eren Jaeger himself.

Throughout the chapters that make up all of the work Eren has gained more and more powerHe acquired the skills of the giant hammer and the giant forerunner as well as his initial of the attack giant. Jaeger, who is able to control all the giants in the world, has shown signs of madness and extreme cold on multiple occasions that can consider human lives useless.

His main focus remains that of End the war between Marley and Eldiaand in order to do so, he resolved to eliminate anyone with no Eldian blood in their veins, and ordered the giants under his command to march on the nation of Marley and tear down entire cities and innocent people.

Shortly after this terrible order, we are presented with a special encounter before Jaeger decides to tread the path of genocide. In the flashback, we see a child trying to escape the onslaught that is destroying his city, and after meeting Eren, apologizes for being the cause of his next death. The protagonist kills the young man and his brotherand then they were struck down by the giants.

A raw moment marked by the insensitivity that now characterizes Eren's character, far from the slightest possibility of redemption. Remember, a romantic couple was born in chapter 131, and we leave chapter 132 to the predictions.

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