The Attack of the Giants: An animator celebrates one of the most beloved couples of fans

Levi and Hange never really had a relationship in The attack of the giants, but for fans of the show, their bond is believed to be better than that of an actual couple. To pay homage to their special relationship, an animator made an exciting video.

An animator was waiting for the fourth season of The Attack of the Giants, which appears to be split in two, and took the opportunity to reunite one of the most popular fan couples: Levi and Hange. The two had never done it a romantic relationship, but their bond is so strong that they moved fans. Although Levi and Hange are driven by two very different goals, they have relied on each other over the course of the Hajime Isayama franchise.

Artist KyojinKing shared an amazing video on Reddit in which Levi and Hange were reunited in the early days of their battles against the Titans. The clip appears to be even more exciting thanks to the fantastic soundtrack "Call your name". Every fan of the series will cry when you watch the video.

The next animated season of Attack of the Giants, the will definitely end the adventureis carried out by Studio MAPPA, which has taken over the management of Studio Wit. Hange and Levi will certainly play a fundamental role, but given The Attack of the Giants season four, there are some things that need to be restored in order to discover their fate.

Animated fanart. Hange and Levi. OST: Call your name. by r / ShingekiNoKyojin

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