For the duration of the summer, Universal Studios Japan will make the latest dedicated virtual reality attraction accessible to the Attack on Titan, whose insane experience was recorded in a viral movie.

Before sitting in the racing vehicle, participants are asked to wear VR technology headphones. As they advance they find themselves on the island of Paradis, in which their task is to evacuate civilians through a chariot drawn by the Reconnaissance Army; obviously, the mission does not go as planned.

Their escape route is destroyed by the sudden onslaught of the Giants, with the participants being catapulted into the air while dodging their shots in real time. Mikasa and Levi offer fundamental support by breaking down Titan after Titan, and allowing the player to continue their game.

As we mentioned in the opening article, the attraction was set up for the duration of the summer season. Given the significant impact that COVID-19 has had on amusement parks, Universal Studios may decide to extend the duration of the attraction to remedy the stop of the previous months.

The Seven Deadly Sins: the mobile crossover with the Attack on Titan is official. The fourth season of the Attack of the Giants began to reveal itself through a first trailer, which we have carefully analyzed in a dedicated article.

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