The Attack of the Giants has risen to the honors of the anime and manga chronicle thanks to the product that was prepared by WIT Studio. In these days we had to say goodbye to the old producers to welcome the MAPPA studio, which will deal with Attack on Titan 4. And the first work of the new studio is there for all to see with the first trailer.

After only one teaser arrived last year, we were able to take a look at the work on The Attack of the Giants 4 with the trailer released on Friday 29 May. The wait was a lot and with the video a bit surprising, the fans got to be fascinated by what they saw. Following the manga story, MAP study has decided to base the trailer on the very first post timeskip chapters and then launch repeat scenes on future events that a more attentive viewer will have already examined.

The dose of action and loyalty to the manga of The Attack of the Giants has stunned fans who have expressed themselves as usual via Twitter. If the wait before was high, considering also that we are talking about the final season of one of the most important souls in recent years, now seems to have grown even more. You just have to wait for October 2020 (or beyond, if some rumor of moving to 2021 was confirmed) to really see the goodness of the transposition of The Attack of the Giants season 4 of the MAPPA study.

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