A real storm of tweets flooded social networks after the presentation of MAPPA showcases, especially after the panel "The attack of the giants 4"Indeed, the insiders have finally decided to take the floor and categorically reject the rumors about the split into two courts from last season.

Even after Netflix's indirect endorsement, the names that have decided to step in to clarify the matter are some of the most reliable in the industry: spy, The checker is toutoune134 have started posting a series of tweets to warn fans that the highly anticipated "final season" will not be offered in split-cour formula, meaning two different seasons. But what exactly does this leak mean? The short answer is: everything and nothing.

The hypotheses vary, but by far the most widely recognized is that there will be no episode at the end of the 16 episodes of The Attack of the Giants 4. Since the manga is still going on, even with a tight run, it is inconceivable to be successful in such a short amount of time to achieve a satisfactory fit, even with large cuts, and therefore the wording "final" no longer sounds like that. As if that wasn't enough, the director of the anime, Yuuichirou Hayashi, posted a comment on his social channels that thunders very mysteriously:

"Right now we don't even know how the story will end. We're going to face this epic climax directly. Even if I use the word" final "we still have a long way to go, but I hope you can Enjoy until the end. "

And the very way in which the director quotes the word "final" dictates even more hype. If so, then it is to be expected that the production plans have changed and that there will be another announcement after the fourth season, maybe a final film. And to be honest, what better way than a fictional film to best end a saga that made history? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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