That the last de The attack of the giants has not met all expectations is now known, but it is also true that the satisfaction of a community of millions of readers is a very impossible thing. Is that why the second part of the anime will change the cards on the table?

There is only one possible answer to this question, and that is a sincere and clear "no". Many began to hope that the writers would change the ending of the story when the animated series director, speaking at MAPPA Stage 2021, explained how the second installment of episodes was a "unexpected and different". But a change of this magnitude compared to the manga is unthinkable and the title of the next episode already suggests an absolute loyalty to the work of Hajime Isayama.

What we can expect, however, is that MAP can also adjust the tables contained in the last volume of the manga and nonexistent in the last chapter, as this seems to be the true end of the story. You can have peaceful dreams there will be no narrative distortion within the story, at least that it is not properly reported by team members and directly to the public.

In anticipation of the second part of last season, we remind you that Attack of the Giants 4 will soon be released on Netflix, on August 15th to be precise. However, do you think the anime will change the ending? Let us know yours, as usual, with a comment below.

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