The animated adaptation of The attack of the giants 4 what with the last episode more than you want kept fans bated breath due to several unexpected events. Here, much to the fans’ surprise, Eren’s brother is involved.

In the last episode of the anime we saw the conclusion of the clashes in the Liberio camp with Eren, who, having exhausted his energies, victoriously withdrew from the battlefield together with his companions. Before the Airship of the reconnaissance army had managed to get out of the war zone but there were some incredible twists and turns, one of which, the death of Sasha, brought Attack of the Giants 4 to the trending on social media.

After the penetration of Gabi and Falco On the Eldians of Paradis plane, the two children are confronted with a terrible truth. Zeke appears before their eyes, whom they believed were defeated during the clashes. Eren’s brother then turns out to be a traitor and it seems that he worked with the protagonists for some time. In the past episodes, the giant beast was seen fighting Levi, but it is now clear that this was part of a play that enabled the man to escape with the Scout Army.

Unfortunately we still don’t know why Zeke has become an ally of the protagonists and to find out we just have to wait for the release of the new episodes.

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Finally, I’ll cover news from The Attack of the Giants 4, in which we wonder if Eren has become a villain.

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