Writer Warren Ellis won't be working on Castlevania 4, and fans couldn't be more concerned about the excellent work done in the first three seasons of the anime. However, the young woman thought of calming the water Alejandra Reynoso, Voice actress for Sypha Belnades, recently interviewed by American colleagues CBR.

The 26-year-old voice actress answered the first question about Castlevania 4 with the following words: "For the new season, I can only say that we are working on it since Netflix has already announced its production. Don't worry, it will come and it will be fantastic. I can say that. The Powerhouse Animation Team works hard and is led by two capable and charismatic captains. The Deats brothers are really cool. There is not a single two-dimensional character in this story, they are all extremely healed and in my opinion this is one of the strengths of the series".

The actress continued speaking about the success of the anime: "The effect of this series is incredible in a sense. If you think about it, she has restarted the animation in the west. In Japan, anime is a real medium, not a genre. They are aimed not only at children but also at adults. This concept has developed recently in America, and I believe that Castlevania played an important role in anime revenge back in 2017, with the release of season one. The series has had a huge impact on the way the American public thinks, and I think people have started to see animation more seriously".

Castlevania's success is undeniable, and according to the voice actress, season four will certainly not lower the level. Before we see anything, however, we will probably have to wait for the first quarter of 2021.

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