Sword Art Online: Reki Kawahara reveals which arc was the most difficult to write

Sword art online nearing the end of season three, but the series will return to our screens with a prequel that this time will see Asuna as the protagonist during the events of season one. But what was the most difficult series for the author?

The creator of the Sword Art Online franchise, Reki KawaharaHe stated in a recent interview published on Dengeki Online that the one that was the most difficult for him to write. Reki replied that Aincrad's first bow was very difficult for him to write because "He didn't know how he would be received by the public".

With the success of Sword art onlineWe've seen a lot of series based on characters participating in or trapped in online multiplayer RPGs such as: The rise of the shield hero is Overlord.

User SAO_Wikia posted several parts of the interview on Twitter to give us a clearer picture of the creator's mind. Sword art online and how he created his globally successful work centered on the world of MMORPG.

Sword Art Online was a huge hit, and we can assume the saga will continue for a long time! Eight years after its TV debut, we're rereading the review of Sword Art Online, the anime that started the SAO phenomenon!

And what do you think of the words of the creator of the SAO? Are you a fan of the saga too? Let's check out Asuna's version of the talented cosplayer Natalia Kat!

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