The last episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes brought back one of the community's most beloved antagonists while pitting him against the Z Fighters and the Time Patrol warriors. But in the next episode, the protagonists seem to be faced with a much more serious problem.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Broly achieved that Super Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker, terrifying transformation that not even Xeno Gogeta SSJ4 and Vegetto Super Saiyan Blue could do anything about. The legendary antagonist is relentless and only the return of the evil Saiyan in Super Dragon Ball Heroes seems to be able to worry him. So the next episode of the non-canonical commercial anime promises to be a great show.

As reported by Twitter user DBSChronicles, this is the eleventh episode of this saga will arrive in February and since the next story arc begins in March, it will bring the Universe Genesis Arc to a close.

This episode, titled "The Result of the Creation of the Universe! The Birth of a New World" will look closely the birth of a new world. Previously, the evil scientist Fuu had tried to reshape the universe using the power of the universe tree. Taking advantage of the disruption caused by the collision with Broly, has finally implemented his plan successfully? We're waiting to find out and admire Broly's new transformation in this Super Dragon Ball Heroes video.

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