Although Jump Festa 2021 didn't bring us the return of the Dragon Ball super animated series, fans of the Toriyama franchise can rest easy thanks to the promotional anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Let's find out the first details about the next story arc.

With a stunning promotional image, the next story arc for Super Dragon Ball Heroes has been announced. In the "Space Time War" saga, the Xeno and Z warriors will get involved a very tough fight that will see the return to the scene of an antagonist considered defeated.

According to the poster, Vegeta and Gohan have to compete in the new Goku story arc Cell caliber mark, Hearts and coolers. The photo shared on Twitter by Twitter user Dragon Ball Hype was accompanied by the saga's release date and the character design of two characters, Hearts and a mysterious hooded figure. Who will it be Another return or a new antagonist?

The "Space Time War" arc from Super Dragon Ball Heroes will arrive in March 2021 and will entail the transformation of the non-canon Broly, who debuted in the Dragon Ball Z movie, into Super Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker. As Fu and Vegetto unleash their powers, we discover the future of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

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