Studio Ghibli: The virtual tour through the museum is a dream experience

The Studio Ghibli is a real living monument to all fans of Japanese animation and the best films have come to life in the studio's museum. If Covid-19 refused your dream of visiting this place, you know that it can be done virtually.

Back in the cinema, Studio Ghibli struck Covid-19, but it is imperative that the Japanese film studio resume all activities in order to finally erase the devastating economic impact. Soon the Studio Ghibli Museum will return to welcome visitors under new anti-contagion guidelines. In anticipation of this event, the studio has released a number of short clips from the museum that offer a little bit virtual taste of the place. Given the ban on taking photos and videos, these clips are a boon to all fans who want to visit the museum.

Grant these virtual trips a unique view of the museumand put the studio in a new, much more inviting light. The clips take virtual travelers through the "Where a Movie Is Born" area, which houses books on animation and hand-drawing techniques. Accompanied by a variety of figurines and stuffed animals, the journey continues in iconic areas such as the stained glass windows or the cafe, recently tested by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli. If you have always dreamed of visiting the Studio Ghibli Museum, this is your opportunity to have a dream experience.

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