One of the new comic series dedicated to the expanded universe of war of stars The rise of Kylo Ren aims to explore the past of Ben Solo, son of Han and Princess Leia, and most importantly, his transition to the dark side of the Force. In the fourth volume of the magazine, the authors revealed some very important events.

With the introduction of the character of Ren, an evil man who can use the Force for his own purposes and is the leader of the Knights of Ren, he was better defined which drew Ben to the dark side, a young padawan who followed the teachings of his uncle Luke Skywalker.

In the words of Kylo Ren himself, Ren seems to be a real philosophy: "The reindeer doesn't stop thinking about what is right or wrong, the reindeer just does. It lives, is consumed and does not ask for forgiveness. It's his nature. " This is certainly a brutal mindset, but it helps increase your strength.

Unfortunately for Ren himself, these instructions will backfire. In fact, we see in the fourth volume Ben, driven by a thirst for power, kills Ren himself. After Ben has surrendered to some of his comrades under Ren's orders, he decides, despite his inner conflict between the light side and the dark side, to attack Ren and strike him with a powerful lightning bolt.

On the official website some didactic pictures too Ren's lightsaberwhich you can find in the post at the bottom of the page. Recall that Luke almost died before the events of Episode VI and that the High Republic showed us a Yoda who is 200 years younger.

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