Star Wars: New details for a Jedi Master who will appear in the High Republic

The new comic project dedicated to the universe of war of stars The series The High Republic will take us to the distant galaxy about 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace, the first episode of the Skywalker saga. Details of a new Jedi Master have been posted on the franchise's official website.

"In the era of the High Republic, Stellan Gios joins the Jedi Order as the Padawan of Master Rana Kant. As a young padawan apprentice, Stellan develops a strong bond with the Jedi Avar Kriss and Elzar Mann, despite having different masters. Of the three, Josh is precisely the one who is most convinced of the need to support the tradition of the Order. "

Further details regarding the specialty have been revealed Stellan's lightsaberwhich is very reminiscent of Kylo Ren, a character who appeared in the final trilogy: "Joshua's lightsaber looks like an elegant weapon with a guard and a long handle that allows him to hold it with both hands. When the user activates the sword, the blocks on the sides of the handle disappear., Freeing the laser a secondary guard. "

The same author of the project, Charles Soule, wanted to comment on a few decisions that were made before actual production began: "One of the basic concepts of the High Republic is the idea that there are many important events occurring at the same time"" then continue with "The idea of ​​having so many characters involved in a single central event for the galaxy seemed intriguing. We were able to introduce large numbers of characters organically, from different locations, and from different social states."

What do you think of this series? Would you like to explore the pasts of prominent Jedi Masters and see the events that shaped the Jedi Order in the past? Let us know with a comment below. We remember it The Hight Republic will debut on January 5, 2021and we'll leave you with the preview of the first volume and how Luke discovered the real name of Darth Vader.

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