In the new comic reboot series dedicated to the universe of war of stars There are important details about what happened to Luke Skywalker between the events in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and in the final volume, the protagonist became aware of Darth Vader's true identity.

This series can be viewed as parallel to the magazine devoted to Darth Vader, which tracks the Lord of the Sith's search for information related to Padmé's death and the birth of their two children. The sixth volume of Star Wars showed us a direct dialogue between Luke and Verla, the woman who tried to kill him after reading his mind.

Thanks to the intervention of the faithful R2-D2, the young Skywalker managed to save himself and then to start a dialogue with Verla. The woman is said to be a Jedi who survived Order 66who always managed to escape Vader and the Imperial Inquisitors, which motivates her to try to kill Luke herself after finding out who he is.

Luke is still shaken by the attempted murder and the words Vader said to him when meeting in Cloud City. He asks Verla if he knows anything about the Sith. Verla quotes the words of his teacher Ferren Barr and replies: "Anakin was a hero of the Clone Wars. Great Jedi. And then something happened to him that made him Vader, that's all I know"You can find the table of this scene at the bottom of the news.

Remember that the preview of the first edition of The High Republic revealed a new Jedi series in which we will also see a Yoda who is younger than 200 years.

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