Star Comics announced new exclusive box with four works from Makoto Shinkai's most popular filmsAvailable in comics, bookstores and online stores in November, the collection includes Il Giardino delle Parole (5 cm per second), La voce delle stelle and Weathering With You.

""For over twenty years, Master Makoto Shinkai has been bringing touching and timeless stories to life"says the press release from Star Comics"of those who will forever be engraved in the hearts of the audience and ... the readers of the manga adaptations from his animated films. In November comes the box in which some of these delightful works are collected, or The Garden of Words, 5 cm per second, La voce delle stelle and Weathering With You. La Makoto Shinkai Collection will be available in the comic book store, bookstore and online shop. Experience the magic of the world created by the famous Japanese animation master!".

Makoto Shinkai was born in Nagano on February 7, 1973. From a young age he shows great interest in everything to do with manga, anime and video games. In 1999 he produced his first animated short film in black and white with the title You and the cat, thanks to which he wins several awards. After the success, he decides to focus on the world of animation, which he realized in 2001 The voice of the stars. Later it rings one success after the other, How The children who chase the stars Trip to Agartha, 5 cm per second is The garden of words. In 2016 he created Your namewhat makes it famous all over the world. In 2019 it will be produced Weathering with you. The feature film, released in 140 countries, is the tenth highest Japanese film of all time. In 2020, it won the Japan Academy Award for Best Animated Film, as well as other major awards at home and abroad.

The Makoto Shinkai Collection is the perfect opportunity to enrich your collection with four timeless works The publisher will announce new details shortly including the price and appearance of the collection box.

And what do you think about it They are interested? Tell us in the comments! In the meantime, no, we welcome you and leave you with the latest Star Days 2021 news.

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