With seven episodes on the air, the Spy x Family show is now halfway through its first round. Once that half has been cut, theAnime adaptation by WIT Studio and CloverWorks celebrates its first home video release, promoted by a special poster.

The split-cour formula will allow us to remain in the company of the Forger family through the end of the 2022 fall season. However, the run of the anime passed half of the first round with seven of the twelve planned episodes aired. Here is Twilight's plan in Spy x Family 1x07.

At this point, the Home video version of the anime. The announcement of the Blu-ray Disc and DVD editions was accompanied by a visual that strongly resembles the shape of a detective movie poster.

This particular poster features the three main protagonists of the anime against the backdrop of the largest city in Eastania. However, the ones we see are not the counterfeiters, but theirs mysterious alter egos: the secret agent Twilight, the assassin Princess Thorn and the girl with telepathic powers. Alongside, we see whistleblower Franky escaping an explosion and a classic 007-style car. What do you think of this promotional graphic, are you following the anime adaptation of Tatsuya Endo's spy comedy?

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