After a story arc that leaves readers gasping, Anya Forger gets some well-deserved recognition. The heroine of Spy x family He's nearing the finish line that will allow his father to complete Operation Stryx.

Spy x Family season 2 release is imminent but meanwhile it is Spy comedy directed by Tatsuya Endo proceeds with serialization. Reaching its 75th chapter, the manga series went through its most frenetic narrative arc, at the end of which Anya Forger emerged as the absolute victor.

Anya was brave and fearless throughout the extremist group's kidnapping process and is alongside Becky, Damian and Bill Watkins rewarded with a Stellae from Eden Academy.

Anya therefore received her second star after receiving one after saving the life of a child drowning in the pool. To enter theImperial Schooler Elite, the kid needs six more stars. In fact, eight Stellae are required to be part of Eden Academy's Union of the Best.

At this rate, Anya could be a long time from reaching her goal, but for now, all the little telepath and her father Loid can do is Celebrate this important milestone achieved. Meanwhile, a mother's disturbing personality comes to light in Spy x Family 75.

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