The Return of Spy x Family Anime Series the Forger family led to an incident that could have led to a conflict between the countries of the East and the West. With this political crisis resolved, Loid, Yor and Anya can return to their "quiet" family life.

In Spy x Family 1x15, the house of counterfeiters welcomes a new member, the big dog Bond. With a new guest at the table, Mama Yor finally decides to learn the art of cooking. That Yor's bad cooking skills However, they are known to everyone.

She, who is actually the Princess of Thorns, is completely incapable of performing the usual daily duties. In fact, it is Loid who takes care of their nutrition. However, feel uselessYor decides it's time to learn the secrets of cooking and become a real housewife like her peers.

His younger brother Yuri Briar will also be involved in this new mission, but he is secretly working for Ostania's secret police. The greatest threat to Twilight's Operation Strix will therefore return to the scene. Leaving you a cosplay of Yor, the princess of thorns, we remind you Spy x Family 1x16 will debut on Crunchyroll on October 22, 2022. Are you following the second course of the anime?

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