Spy x Family 1x13 marked the return of the Forgers after the summer season hiatus. The second cour of the animated adaptation produced by CloverWorks and WIT Studio and based on the eponymous Manga series signed by Tatsuya Endo it threatens world peace. Will little Anya be able to prevent the outbreak of a global conflict?

The second part of the first season of Spy x Family started with joy when Anya was looking for a puppy to adopt. However, in an escalation of events, the little forger falls into the hands of a group of extremists who intend to blow up the War between Westalis and Ostania with an act of terrorism.

After meeting a big big white dog that can read the future, Anya is rescued by Mama Yor, who strikes down the criminals who dared to kidnap her daughter. However, their leader manages to escape unharmed, following his insane plan.

In one of the dog's visions next to Anya, who can read her mind, the little girl discovers that Due to an explosion, his father Loid will die. Determined to do whatever it takes to prevent this, she flees on the dog's saddle to the designated spot. Anya has to defuse a bomb in Spy x Family 1x14. With a little cunning and a little ketchup, the little girl manages to avoid her father's death.

However, the leader of the terrorists is still at large and has no intention of granting respite to the Westania politician he intends to assassinate. In reality, however, it is Twilight who has taken the form of the politician. Now the World peace is in his hands.

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