The wait is finally over, Bleach: The Millennial War made its debut with an action-packed and adrenaline-pumping first episode. But what will happen to Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends now? The protagonists have to run inside Defense of Soul Societywho received a declaration of war from the Wandenreich.

During the first episode Ichigo, Inoue, Sado and Uryu They ran to the rescue of two young soul reapers who had been rushed by some hollows. Taken to safety, two days later a mysterious man, saying his name is Asguiaro Ebern, appears in Ichigo's room. His intentions are not friendly and Ichigo is forced into battle.

Elsewhere, Captain Genryusai is surrounded by a handful of stormtroopers who somehow managed to penetrate the facility's defenses and mortally wound Deputy Captain Sasakibe. there Soul Society then receives a declaration of war from the Wandenreich.

Ichigo managed to get rid of his enemy who was sure he could undo the protagonist's bankai, but the dangers aren't over yet. In the second episode of Bleach: The Millennial War, Soul Society faces a sad funeral. Not only that, Ichigo will receive a special one Asking for help from an old friend of hers. Time to return to Hueco Mundo! Titled Bleach #02 Headstones, Bleach: The Millennial War Episode 2 will debut on October 18th and will adapt 4 additional chapters of the manga. The story will therefore come to Chapter 489 of Tite Kubo's work.

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