After an amazing race that started in April, theSpy x family anime comes to an end. The twelfth part of the adaptation, produced in collaboration by WIT Studio and CloverWorks and available to stream now on Crunchyroll, concludes the first part of the series.

In the previous episode, Anya finally got her first star. L’Operation Stryxbut it has to keep going.

Due to a lack of agents, WISE, the organization Loid serves for, assigns Twilight several additional missions. Being the best spies, she performs all the tasks given to her, but very tired from too much work, neglect his own family. His very late return home attracts the attention of his neighbors, who accuse him of cheating on his wife Yor. To resolve the situation that may affect the operation, Loid organizes a trip Family. The Forger family is going to Acqua Park!

In the grand finale of Spy x Family 1×12, however, Twilight has no rest: WISE calls him back to work even while he’s on vacation. The agent must thwart an organized attack on the Penguin Park of the water park. One of the facility’s penguins was tricked into swallowing a microchip containing dangerous information: Twilight must recover it at all costs.

Twilight puts all her spy skills to the test and eventually completes her mission, but that’s not all. In the meantime, he also manages to give his best love for his familyfewer and fewer “liars”.

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