At the end ofBlack Clover Anime less and less, but the battle between the powers of the magical Knights of Clover and the Dark Triad of the Kingdom of Swords has just reached his heart. In episode 166, the captain of the Black Bull was against the mighty Dante Zogratis, who had meanwhile made a clean sweep.

While Zenon has already successfully eliminated his Golden Dawn target, Vanica and Dante Zogratis They attacked the Kingdom of Hearts and Klee, which were being defended by the Black Bull wizards.

The episode, titled "Commander Yami Sukehiro," which is streamed on Crunchyroll, focuses solely on the grand battle between him and the dangerous antagonist, who is ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish the set mission. Dante's devil power is remarkable, and the enemy reveals more and more incredible skills. However, Yami is determined defend the Black Bull.

""The Kingdom of the Heart continues to fight Vanica and her subordinates to the death. At the same time, the fight between Yami and Dante continues in the Black Bull's hideout. Cornered, Yami hits his rival heavily and unleashes a powerful magic. But Dante, who claims to be immortal, regenerates his body regardless of the amount of damage suffered".

Have you seen the episode yet? What do you think? In the meantime, here are previews and pictures for Black Clover 167. "The anime had to have four seasons," this is the sensational revelation from the Black Clover director.

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