With so many villains scattered across Japan, no one can back down. Professional heroes alone can't do it and that's the way it is The protagonists of My Hero Academia also come into play, young students enrolled in the Yuei. The war on villains actually requires a lot more support from everyone.

While Dabi was defeated, All for One faced the two strongest heroes supported by Tokoyami and Jirou. Only the two youngest will be basic chess pieces, as the shows My Hero Academia 355 spoilers with pictures. Titled Extras, the chapter sees Endeavor lying on the ground, shedding much blood while thinking about his children. It then returns to the sky, where Tokoyami and Jirou prepare for the next move.

Apparently, All for One has no qualms and prepares for tentacle attacks, which the two young men are able to dodge. Hawks also comes back in and prepares for the next punch, but All for One then holds the winged hero in check with both hands on one side while trying to hurt Jirou and Tokoyami on the other, and succeeds : Jirou loses her left ear and has an injured arm. However, he doesn't give up for that and starts a sound attack in a table that keeps the villain blocked for a few moments.

The latter tries to reply, but the will of the Quirks he wants to use blocks him for a moment too long, enough to allow Hawks to intervene and eventually hit the villain's mask and break it. Where will this situation lead? My Hero Academia is on hiatus next week.

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