A year and a half has passed since the new Marvel Comics comic was presented for Spider-Woman, and since its launch on March 18, 2020, the series has managed to win over tens of thousands of readers. However, one detail that was discussed a lot was Jessica Drew's new costume, extraordinary, but definitely far from the protagonist's style.

The author Karla Pacheco had spoken about the black costume in the past and found that: "Dave Johnson's new costume plays an important role in the story. The design, for example, represents its emotional state. Jess no longer feels like a heroine and doesn't think she deserves her old costumes. This new suit sells its change, but it also has some interesting secrets".

Many things have happened since Volume 1 was released, and it seems that Jess' change is accompanied by a new one, or rather: from an old costume. In Volume 11 indeed Jessica will wear the original Spider Woman costume againwho have already previewed Marvel Comics. Below you can take a look at the cover of the next issue created by Junggeun Yoon.

The Spider-Woman series debuted in March 2020 and was then suspended for a few months and re-released in July. Volume 8 hit the kiosk last week We can expect to see Jessica in action in the classic red costume starting next April.

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